100 Stories

from Plymouth Community Homes

It’s been a remarkable 10 years since Plymouth Community Homes was set up and in that time, we’ve seen some great improvements to social housing in the city.

To mark a decade of helping our communities, we’ve compiled 100 heart-warming stories and pictures of residents and staff who continue to make a difference, and will be publishing 10 new stories on this site each day.

Why 100? The tenth anniversary of PCH in November 2019 coincides with the centenary of the passing of the Housing Act.

In 1919, the Housing Act received Royal Assent, meaning all local authorities were required to provide council housing.

More commonly known as the Addison Act – after the then-Minister for Health and Housing, Lord Christopher Addison – it paved the way for funding to build 500,000 new homes for our returning First World War heroes.

A century later, PCH continues to play a part in that proud legacy by providing quality homes for people in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

Every day for ten days we’ll publish 10 stories chronicling our time in Plymouth and the positive impact social housing has had on people’s lives.


On the ball

We’ve worked with Plymouth Raiders’ players and coaches to provide a series of free basketball coaching sessions for children in Devonport.

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Lyn Tapscott

Lyn Tapscott

Lyn Tapscott’s Christmas wonderland scene is back, with her much-loved festive decorations lighting up the window of her Stonehouse flat.

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