39 new kitchens a week!

Kitchens and bathrooms

We’ve renovated thousands of homes

As part of the biggest Decent Homes programme in the South West, over the past five years we’ve worked to make sure that every one of our homes reaches the Decent Homes standard.

This standard requires modern kitchens and bathrooms that not only meet a minimum age requirement, but also reach a minimum standard for the amount of worktop space and storage.

Nearly 1,000 homes had work carried out to bring them up to this standard, before the stock transfer from Plymouth City Council. As this work was done fairly recently, we didn’t replace these kitchens and bathrooms. The kitchens have a 20-year life and the bathrooms 30 years, so these have been scheduled in then for replacement.

The majority of PCH homes did still need work, though, so we’ve replaced 11,156 kitchens and 11,354 bathrooms since transfer five years ago. That’s an average of 39 kitchens a week and 40 bathrooms a week, with more than 24,000 extractor fans fitted altogether!

We’ve already started work on our next project to make your homes better to live in, and we’re aiming to make homes warmer and more energy-efficient through things like external cladding and solar panels.

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