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Helping to create a real ‘home from home’

Residents at Parkwood Care Home are enjoying the opportunity to bring the outside world inside to give them more independence and familiarity by turning one of their corridors into an actual street! Kim Murphy, from Parkwood, said: “To create a ‘home from home’, we are working in conjunction with Plymouth Community Homes to create signposts of local street names – bringing the outdoors in and creating a space that will resonate with those who have lived locally in and around the Plymouth area.

“Each room has its own letterbox and door-knocker, a post box sits on the corner and even a bus stop has been donated. The Theatre Royal is donating costumes for those residents who used to be servicemen and women as well. We are hoping to add some hanging baskets soon. We have three storeys in the building and we are trying to decorate each corridor with a theme.

“We are passionate about providing individualised and person-centred care at Parkwood House. We are also keen to foster links within the community, ensuring an inclusive and collaborative approach to the care we deliver. Our aim is to enhance the lived experience of those in the home by developing the social spaces.

“Familiarity is really important. Individuals with dementia can often find it difficult to adjust to new environments, sometimes forgetting why they have moved. This can be a bewildering and often disorientating experience. It’s fantastic that we’re able to work collaboratively with businesses and organisations and thank Plymouth Community Homes for helping us to realise this vision.”

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Mike Metters

Mike Metters

As chair of the New Residents Barbican Association, Mike works tirelessly for people who live in the Barbican area

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