Duvet day

Duvet Donation

Blankets help to cover Trevi House residents

We donated spare duvets to Trevi House, a specialist facility for women with drug and alcohol misuse issues and their children. The duvets were donated to PCH residents following the Clowance Street fire, which left the block of flats badly damaged.

Following the fire, donations flooded in from people who wanted to help those who had been left with nothing. So much was donated that once the Clowance Street residents had been helped, there were still lots of donations left over.

Many of the left-over donations were being stored at our Re-use Centre, where we sort the waste from empty homes in order to reduce the amount which goes to landfill. This gave us the opportunity to give the extra blankets to Trevi House, so they can be used to help women and their children at the specialist project.

Women with drug and alcohol misuse issues can go to Trevi House with their children. This means the relationship between mother and child stays strong, while the crèche and nursery facilities mean the mother has as much time as possible to address her problems and begin a new life with her family.

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