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Combining rent statements In Touch

The easier way to read your rent statement

Our residents’ newsletter, In Touch, is posted out to all tenants (including shared owners) with their quarterly rent statement. The address sheet will open up to reveal your rent statement inside – so make sure you don’t throw it away!

Since summer 2019, the statements themselves are now presented in a much clearer format with a full explanation of how to read them. We’re sending these two documents together to save money – and there’s more.

We currently have around 250 tenants who receive large-print rent statements due to sight impairments. With the July mailing, they each received A4-sized magnifiers which they were able to keep. The magnifiers can be placed over the rent statement or In Touch – or any other document – to make the text appear larger.

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Carol Armstrong

Carol Armstrong

Carol, a PCH resident, passed the exam for the Entry Level 3 Functional Skills in mathematics, achieving a fantastic result of 91%.

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