John Cannock


From Navy hero to shopkeeper and ‘Santa Claus’

John was a resident of Innes House and moved to Africa, where he lived for several years before returning to the UK and then spending most of his life at sea. Having been moved around the country with his family to escape the bombings during the Blitz, John joined the Royal Navy before taking up a post with the RAF Marine branch. He was involved in clean-up operation of the SS Torrey Canyon – the largest oil spill and environmental disaster which left an international legal and environmental legacy that would last for decades.

Upon leaving the RAF, John opened his own satellite TV shop in Saltash which he ran successfully for a number of years, and he was even Chaplin’s resident Santa Claus for many years!

Determined not to lose his sense of adventure, John purchased a yacht and began a voyage to sail around the world, however upon reaching France, the automatic pilot had broken and the vessel wasn’t fit for the rest of the journey. He turned around and anchored up in Fowey to take an angry phone call from his daughter, telling him to come home immediately!

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