Lyn Tapscott

Lyn Tapscott

Christmas wonderland returns to Ron King House

Lyn Tapscott’s Christmas wonderland scene is back for the fifth year running – and her much-loved festive decorations now have their own dedicated space in the window at her Ron King House home. The village scene includes a working train, moving carousel and tiny figurines making snow angels. There’s even an adjoining ski slope!

Yuletide lover, Lyn spent five days setting up the display at her Stonehouse flat, and forked out £100 on extra decorations this year. This year’s display has been supplemented by a big wheel, gazebo, bridge, sleigh and extra people.

She admitted: “It’s popular. The other tenants at Ron King always like to come round and have a look at it. I love doing it – it’s just a shame it’s all got to come down after Christmas! I’ve always loved Christmas, ever since my kids were growing up.”

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