Mike Metters

Mike Metters

Stepping up to help our Barbican residents

As chair of the New Residents Barbican Association, Mike works tirelessly for people who live in the Barbican area, helping to improve the area for them all to enjoy. In 2017, Mike secured funding from both Plymouth Community Homes and Plymouth City Council to create a barbecue area, complete with picnic benches in the communal garden of his block.

He is also a keen gardener and has recently planted a lot of attractive shrubs and flowers in the communal garden, ensuring the area is tidy and attractive for all residents.

Marissa Maloney, Mike’s housing officer, said: “Mike contacts me on a weekly basis for updates on repairs, contract work and anti-social behaviour in the area. He helps others with their shopping and visits other residents for coffee or a chat if they live alone or need some assistance. If he wasn’t here pushing for this kind of change, I’m not sure who would be!”

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