Pearle Sheppard


Finding a new home in Plymouth

Pearle was born in Cape Town and spent a lot of her life working in Harare in Zimbabwe, raising her twin boys, Boyd and Pearce. Living in the background of civil war, Pearle’s boss, Tedd Wigg, and two of her colleagues were killed after their scheduled flight was shot down by the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army. The crash killed 38 of the 52 passengers on board and insurgents rounded up the survivors and massacred them with machine gun fire.

When Robert Mugabe froze all bank accounts in Zimbabwe, many people lost their life savings and in 2004, when they stopped their foreign debt repayments, the United Nations stopped its food aid for the country.

In 2010, Pearle was flown to England by the British Government, and has since moved into her own bungalow, where she gets on really well with her neighbours, is independent and has her own space. She shares her home with her black cat, Pepper.

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