Rachel Clancy


Plymouth mum an inspiration to the community

Rachel first became involved with PCH by attending a ‘cooking healthy meals for kids’ event. Since then, she has given a lot of her time to help our organisation. Rachel was one of the people to be involved with our focus groups to consult on and shape our new PCH website and self-service portal. She has also been involved with PCH bringing a fresh and positive opinion to our In Touch magazine, and has suggested several campaigns which were successful for our residents.

Despite experiencing ongoing anti-social behaviour from her neighbours, Rachel continued to help PCH by promoting our online self-service, MyPCH, giving up her time to pose for photos and take part in filming. She appeared on the cover of our In Touch magazine with her daughter, Indie, and suggested our Easter Egg giveaway which was a huge success across the city.

Rachel was key in helping to set up the Kids with Cameras project, which Indie also took part in, before being invited to turn on the Christmas lights at Plumer House. She has consistently given up her time to help PCH, despite working and having a busy family life.

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Carol Armstrong

Carol Armstrong

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