Ross Nicholls

Ross Nicholls

Helping hand to enjoy a healthier lifestyle

Ross, a PCH resident, transformed his life with the help of the New Home, New You initiative. He moved to Greenbank in 2018 and decided to get involved with the programme, to help him to improve his physical health and outlook on life.

He explained at the time: “I’m trying to be healthier and attempt to cook more nutritious meals, especially for my daughter. The vegetable boxes I receive every two weeks have really helped me with this – they encourage you to use as many natural ingredients as possible.”

Ross regularly attends events and activities to help work towards his goals of eating healthier and becoming more active. He also plans to join a fitness group in the near future and take some further training to support his teaching assistant qualifications.

He added: “The future now looks a lot brighter for us. I feel like I’m succeeding in leading a healthier lifestyle with their help – it’s a slow process, but it’s a work in progress. Knowing PCH is there to support me and check in on how we’re doing and if we’re happy each step of the way has really helped to motivate me, too – they’re both professional and human.”

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