Snug as a bug


Leypark Court move was best decision

Leypark Court resident Dennis says moving into his new home four years ago was the best decision he made, after previously being cooped up in his three-bedroom house.

Dennis, who suffers from osteomyelitis, uses a buggy to move around and decided to relocate to Leypark Court when getting around the family home became too difficult.

He said: “Where I was in Whitleigh, the house just got too big, and the walking facilities weren’t good, I was 24 hours a day in the house. I couldn’t go out with the buggy because we had steps all the way down through.”

A place became available at Leycourt Park in Estover, and Dennis instantly felt a connection with what would become his new home: “I had a look and fell in love with the place right away – it has given me 50 per cent of my life back out here.

“Everything is handy, everything is flat. When I’ve asked someone to do something, they do it. I had a big step out there and I couldn’t step outside, so they came and built it up so I could get my leg over. I’ve been happy since I’ve been here… as snug as a bug!”

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