Sylvia Sowden


How does your garden grow?

Sylvia’s garden is her pride and joy, and admits it ‘keeps her going’. She and her friend, Susan Tarocco, live just a few houses away from each other in West Park. Susan admitted: “Sylvia’s garden is an inspiration for others, myself included. We see each other nearly every day as my bungalow is just along from hers, and we compare notes on how our plants are doing. We ask each other advice and swap cuttings. I don’t see the point in having a bungalow and then growing weeds.”

Sylvia added: “I love my garden. It’s what keeps me going… it always has. I’ve been a council or social housing tenant for 50 years and always looked after my garden. I was married to a farmer so working on the land is in my blood.”

Sylvia has even offered some tips for others wanting to get their garden in shape: “You’ve got to keep at it. It’s no good doing it for one day… you’ve got to keep doing it all the time: winter, summer, spring and autumn!”

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