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Revolutionary new tool for residents

We launched a new tool that allows residents to report noise nuisance to us. Residents can download The Noise App, which records noise nuisance on your smartphone in your home. The recording captures the date, time and location of the incident and the type of noise. You can also rate the severity out of 10 and make additional comments before it’s submitted to our housing officers to investigate.

We began by running a trial, which saw lots of positive feedback. Adam Stockman, senior housing officer, said: “Customers are very satisfied. Residents find it easy to use. It’s quick –people can submit information to us at the touch of a button. It’s revolutionary.

“Before the Noise App, if someone made a noise complaint, there was a lengthy process of gathering evidence to determine the best course of action. The Noise App will help us determine if something is anti-social so that we can assist much faster.”

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Nick Lewis

Nick Lewis

A safe, secure, supportive home is essential for everyone and social housing has the capacity to do this – providing both a safety net and a springboard when difficulties arise.

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