Strolling improvements


Do you feel like going walkabout?

Would you like to join us on a walk around your neighbourhood and tell us how things could be improved? We’re relaunching our walkabouts – previously called community walkabouts – and we want you to take part. They’re a chance for you to show us something on your street or estate which you feel needs improving, at a time and date that suits you. We’ll meet you and let you tell us what needs fixing or improving. We’ll make a note of it and when we head back to the office, we’ll get it sorted.

We’ve come up with a ‘traffic light’ recording system which prioritises issues.

  • Red – This is a problem that needs immediate attention such as a missing drain cover.
  • Amber – This could mean reporting a repair.
  • Green – Everything is good and up to a required standard.

Fran Sandercock, senior housing officer, said: “We’d really encourage you to contact us so we can walk your neighbourhood together. Maybe there’s something that’s been niggling you for a while that you want us to deal with, or maybe something’s cropped up suddenly that you think needs urgent action, or just that you have an idea about what we could improve? You can email or ring us and we’ll arrange a convenient time to meet you. It could be you on your own or there may be a group of you.”

For more information, please email or call Fran on 0808 230 6500. You can also leave a message for Fran at our City Centre Shop in Frankfort Gate, or at our head office at Plumer House, Crownhill.

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