Waste not, want not

Re-use Centre

Doing our bit for residents and the environment

Our Re-Use Centre is where we take all our waste and sort it for recycling or re-use. Previously, we’d been sending tonnes of general waste from our empty homes and fly-tipping clearances to landfill, but this was expensive as lots could be recycled or reused.

By running this facility ourselves, we have full control over how it works and where the waste goes. We donate many of the good-quality items to charity, including Cash 4 Clothes, Help for the Homeless and the British Red Cross.

We also put together ‘Starter Packs’ for needy tenants by boxing up stuff. These include things like pots and pans, bedding, curtains, kettles and toasters, which have been PAT-tested. The housing team take them to the garage where they store them. Meanwhile, our Men’s Shed has taken wood from us, and the Laundry Library is glad of our books.

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